Kastle Waserman

Hi, I’m Kastle (with a “K”). I believe in the power of words to captivate, persuade and inspire.


  • I see you struggling to find the words for your marketing materials.
  • I see you throwing content out there without knowing if it’s connecting with customers.
  • I see you needing a writer who understands journalistic integrity and fact-checking.
  • I see you wanting to tell a story but not knowing how to engage people.
  • I see how overwhelmed you are with marketing and how it makes you worried about your business.
You don’t have to struggle any longer. You landed here!


I’m a marketing copywriter and journalist with over 10 years of experience writing for large corporate brands and major publications.

Throughout my career I’ve worked with a lot of businesses that never spent the time to set up their marketing correctly or to get to know their customer and then wonder why their content falls flat.

So I created a program to help entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed with marketing create a compelling content strategy using the power of storytelling.

Nothing captivates attention like a good story.

I can write them for you and I can teach you how to map out your own journey.

What sets me apart?

I bring a wealth of experience, offering more than just words on a page. My years of experience empower marketing teams and publications in numerous ways:

Compelling Content: Count on me for engaging, audience-centric content that leaves a lasting impact.

Brand Magic: Let’s transform your brand story into an unforgettable experience, fostering strong connections with your audience.

Strategy Guidance: I’ll help you get set up for success with a strong marketing strategy that will ensure your message aligns with your brand goals.

Trustworthy Accuracy: Rest easy knowing that every word I write is fact-checked, maintaining the trust of your audience.

Interview Expertise: With interviewing skills that could rival Barbara Walters, I can capture the essence of creatives and experts to deliver stories that educate and inspire to add credibility to your content.

I earned my journalism degree from Cal State Northridge and became an editor and reporter covering lifestyle and entertainment at the Los Angeles Times for five years.

I’ve been published in the New York Post, Yahoo!, Westword, Avid Lifestyle Magazine, Fodor’s Travel Books, Women’s Wear Daily and more.

Throughout my journalism career, I’ve honed my interviewing skills with entertainment icons, including Gwen Stefani, Johnny Rotten, Lily Tomlin and Michael Moore to experts in interior design, art, beauty, fashion, travel and personal finance.

Kastle Waserman

I later earned a marketing degree from UCLA and worked as a corporate copywriter for consumer brands, including Fortune 500 companies. I also co-wrote and was featured in the award-winning documentary about my family, “Berlin Calling.

Every piece I craft is meticulously curated, checked, and honed to resonate authentically with readers.


Some fun facts about me

I enjoy reading creative non-fiction, journaling, treasure hunting in vintage stores, traveling the world, volunteering at a local animal shelter, and finding endless delight in pop culture. Every experience is an opportunity to bring more to my storytelling.

So, let’s collaborate and watch your stories unfold into captivating prose that resonates deeply with your target audience.