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Skyrocket Your Business Through the Power of Storytelling.


A 6-session program to develop the story behind your business for your marketing strategy.


Go from overwhelmed to knowing exactly what you need to do.

Kastle Waserman

Let me tell you a story…

A few years ago, I had a client who just started her own business

She spent her days putting together social media posts and writing blogs.

She tried telling anybody who would listen

about her wonderful services.

The Cycle of Posting

She posted

                  and posted

                                     and posted.

But her posts weren’t getting any response.

No likes, no comments.


She wondered if her posts were even showing anywhere.

She questioned if she’s resonating with her ideal clients.

She worried she’d have to give up on her business and go back to corporate life.

Does this sound familiar? Stay with me….

Then She Met a Colorful Wizard


Who took this ordinary businesswoman on a journey where she learned the secret to connecting with people to share the special powers of her business.

She transformed into a superhero.

And she was able to connect with the people who needed her special powers and

made their lives happier.

People started to hear about her and came from far and wide.

Her business was booming.



Kastle Waserman


You’ve gotten this far down the page because of the story I just told you.

And you can do it too!

Hi, I’m Kastle


I’ve worked as a marketing copywriter for over 10 years for large corporations and small businesses.

I’ve seen dozens of clients churning out content on blogs and social media because they’re told that’s what they have to do to reach people.

And then, nothing happens.

Why? Because they never put a strategy behind it. And they never thought about the STORY they need to tell.

Kastle Waserman
The Formula of Storytelling

So I Decided To Do Something About It


I created a program that takes business owners through the process of storytelling in a way that engages the EXACT people you want to connect with.

It’s all based on the tried and true formula of storytelling.

I know you started your business because you want to help people.

They have a problem and you have the special skill or product that solves it.

It’s about something bigger than yourself.

And that’s why I made it my mission to spread the word about how to connect with people

and do it the way humans have always connected with each other,

with STORY.

I’m going to teach you what all those other so-called marketing gurus don’t tell you.


It’s not about posting and posting, chasing the latest trend on social media and splattering content all over the internet.


It’s about telling the right story to the right people.

Marketing Gurus

If you’re not connecting with the customers you want,

you probably haven’t set the right foundation.


Contact me and let’s talk about your story 

and how you can tell it to others to get the results you want.

Is Kastle's program for you?

This Program is For You If…


  • You’re just starting your business or you’ve been around for a while.
  • You’re overwhelmed by marketing and don’t know where to start.
  • You’ve spent hours, DAYS, posting all over Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, all the things and have heard nothing back.
  • You even invested in a team or virtual assistant to do the posting for you and still no leads have come from it.


Books Graphic

Step 1 – The Secrets of Storytelling

Person Graphic

Step 2 – Get to Know Your Main Character

Hiker Graphic

Step 3 – Understanding the Call to Action

Teacher Graphic

Step 4 – Be An Awesome Problem Solver

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Step 5 – How to Win the Day

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Step 6 – Reap the Rewards

What's included in Kastle's program

What’s Included?


You’ll have 90 Days of support in this results-driven program, that includes:

  • Six one-hour sessions on Zoom to go over each part of your marketing story strategy.


  • Ongoing email support.


  • Worksheets, templates and handouts to write out each section of your new strategy.

In Just 90 Days You’ll…


  • Be crystal clear on who your ideal client is and how to connect with them.


  • Understand the power of storytelling  to grow your business.


  • Have the confidence to know you ARE resonating with your ideal clients.


  • Go from overwhelmed  to knowing exactly what you need to do.


  • Reignite the passion you have for your business.
What you'll achieve in 90 days with Kastle Waserman
Kastle Waserman


I’ve been a storyteller since I was child, writing little novels for my parents.

I always knew I wanted to be a writer and I made a career of it. First, as a journalist, working for five years at the Los Angeles Times, and later as a marketing copywriter helping brands tell their stories to connect with customers.

I know the power of storytelling and how it helps people connect, and I want to help you learn it too. It’s already in you. You just need to put some strategy behind it.

I know you can do this. And I’ll make it easy for you!


HURRY! I only take a few clients at a time.

Slots fill up fast.

You don’t want your business to have to wait months

to get going with the story you’re meant to tell!