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Kastle Waserman: Stories That Inspire and Engage

Stories That Inspire and Engage


Writing that captures people’s imagination


Strategies for success


The art of storytelling in business

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Are you:


  • Feeling defeated by your marketing and wondering why it isn’t working?
  • Frustrated trying to fix generic AI content so it sounds like your brand voice?
  • Wanting to unleash the power of storytelling?
  • In need of a writer who can deliver professional content that’s on point?
Are you feeling defeated or frustrated?

Who I Serve


Copywriting and strategy consulting to attract, inspire and convert for your content marketing.

My Copywriting Services


Powerful journalism storytelling in lifestyle features and interviews.

My Journalism Services

Marketing Mastery

Storytelling Coaching

Overwhelmed by marketing? I help entrepreneurs with a 90-day program to create a compelling marketing strategy using business writing and storytelling to better connect with customers and grow your business.

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Kastle Waserman - Marketing Mastery
What Kastle Waserman  can do for you

What I Can Do For You


Content marketing for brands

Copywriting Portfolio


Articles for lifestyle publications

Journalism Portfolio


Storytelling coaching for business

Work With Me


What You Can Expect


  • A writer with 10 years of marketing and journalism experience who knows content best practices and has good editorial judgment.


  • A seasoned interviewer who knows the questions to ask to dig deep into the why and the how people do what they do and offer inspiration to others.


  • A content strategist and branding expert who can help you create holistic, integrated content.


  • A storytelling masterclass for entrepreneurs, business owners and executives.


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What to expect from Kastle Waserman
How to work with Kastle Waserman

How It Works


  • Collaboration: I’ll take the time to understand your brand/publication and your audience. I’ll work closely with you to ensure my writing reflects your vision and goals.


  • Quality: My dedication to excellence means delivering top-notch, polished writing every time.


  • Results: Your success is my priority. Every word I craft is tailored to elevate your message, driving engagement and fostering meaningful connections with your readers.


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“Kastle has the ability to conduct interviews with a focus on the topic at hand and is able to tell a story from the interviewee’s perspective. From writing social media captions to crafting blog posts, Kastle has a unique skill set in her ability to adapt to different writing styles and tones, making her an incredibly versatile writer.” – Allison Vaccaro

“Kastle is an excellent writer with an eye for detail and a flair for crafting engaging copy. She’s an expert interviewer and instinctively knows how to zero in on key selling points.  She has an instinctive talent for identifying what makes a product unique and uses this skill to create compelling content that engages and informs the reader.” – Danielle Thibault

“Kastle is one of the most talented writers and strategic communication professionals I have had the pleasure to work with. She knows each platform has unique messaging and strategic needs and always comes to the table with unique perspectives and solutions to complex marketing and communication needs.” – Fearghal O’Reilly